Ricardo Naranjo.

Beers Tree Fruit Entomology Lab – Ricardo Naranjo

My internship in the Beers Tree Fruit Entomology Lab provided me with hands on experience maintaining insect colonies, trapping, identifying, and tracking different insect pests and assessing their damage to tree fruit. I was given the opportunity to assist graduate students with their research projects and witnessed firsthand the research that was being conducted in the field.

Ricardo Naranjo, Fruit and Vegetable Management, Greenhouse, Nursery, and Landscape Management
Ivan Mendoza.

McDougall & Sons – Ivan Mendoza

During my internship I had the experience of doing various tasks that include irrigation management as well as scouting for pests. All of which are important management practices involved in growing quality fruit. These practices and the knowledge I have gained through my time at WSU, will make me a better-suited individual as I will begin my career in the tree fruit industry upon graduation.

Ivan Mendoza, Fruit and Vegetable Management
Julie Justiniano.

School of Biological Sciences – Julie Justiniano

The CAHNRS Integrated Plant Sciences academic program has given me purpose. My internship through the school of Biological Sciences provided me the opportunity to explore my passions while obtaining applicable industry experience. I am extremely grateful to take part in an internship where I maintained a botanical collection that featured over a hundred individual species. This internship has helped me build my confidence within my profession as I continue my endeavors as a life long learner.

Julie Justiniano, Landscape, Greenhouse, Nursery Management
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