Major in Field Crop Management

The Field Crop Management major is ideal for students interested in agronomy, crop production, and plant, soil, and pest management. Crop scientists (or agronomists) are involved in improving food, feed, and fiber production. Graduates qualify for careers in agribusiness, corporate and technical farm management, professional consulting, research, and sales positions.

Employment and Career Possibilities within this major

  • Agronomist
  • Seed Marketing Consultant
  • Production Specialist
  • Crop Insurance Specialist
  • USDA or EPA employee
  • Laboratory Researcher

Examples of Required/Preferred Classes for First-Year Students

  • Crop_Sci/Hort 102: Cultivated Plants
  • Siol_Sci 201: Siol: A Living System
  • Biology 106, Biology 107, or Biology 120
  • Chem 102: Chem Related to Life Sciences or Chem 106: Princ. Of Chem II
  • EconS 101: Fundamentals of Microeconomics

Transfer Pathways

Many of our best students attend local community colleges prior to transferring to WSU. Below is a list of suggested WSU courses to take locally and transfer into WSU. You can find your institution’s equivalent courses with our Transfer Course Search Tool or submit a course for evaluation with our Course Evaluation Request Form

  • BIOLOGY 106: Intro to Organismal Biology, 107: Intro to Cell Biology and Genetics or 120: Introductory Botany (2 of these)
  • CHEM 101: Introduction to Chemistry or 105: Principles of Chem I
  • CHEM 102: Chemistry Related to Life Sciences or 106: Principles of Chem II
  • MATH 106: College Algebra and MATH 108: Trigonometry (or MATH 140: Calculus for Life Scientists)
  • ECONS 101: Fundamentals of Microeconomics
  • ENGLISH 101: Introductory Writing
  • COM 102: Public Speaking in the Digital Age
  • WSU UCORE [DIVR] course
  • WSU UCORE [ARTS] course
  • WSU UCORE [HUM] course
  • STAT 212: Introduction to Statistical Methods

Check out our Transfer Student page for more information about the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS) Transfer Student Experience!

Field Crop Management Advising Sheet (pdf)

Student Organizations/Clubs Associated with this Major

Information for New students

This is a Bachelor of Science Degree in Integrated Plant Sciences with a major in Field Crop Management. An internship is required in this major. Students will work with their advisor to locate an appropriate internship. It is managed by the Department of Crop & Soil Sciences.

From a Student’s Perspective…

Nick Schultheis.

Field Crop Management teaches us everything that goes on from pre-planting to harvest, looking at pest management and soil health and the inputs needed to grow the best crops.

Nick Schultheis, CAHNRS Ambassador, Class of 2020

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