WSU's College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences

Integrated Plant Sciences

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the IPS degree, graduates will:

1. Apply scientific and quantitative reasoning to address real world problems in plant production and management systems.

2. Understand the growth and development of horticultural and agronomic crop plants, current management practices, and factors that influence yield, aesthetics, and end-use quality.

3. Integrate skills, facts, concepts, principles and research methods from plant and other sciences in order to actively participate in a wide variety of environmental and agricultural activities, including research, outreach, education and management.

4. Understand and appreciate the importance of horticultural and agronomic crop plants to global society, and use this knowledge to contribute to the welfare of global society.

5. Obtain, evaluate, and apply scholarly information to expand understanding and knowledge-base of the plant sciences.

6. Communicate effectively to a broad range of audiences using appropriate traditional and emerging technological media.

7. Appreciate the breadth and depth of professional opportunities in plant science.

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